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UK Gambling Commission Pushes for Cooperation with ‘Experts by Gambling Experience’

26 September 2019, 10:50
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The special commission in Scotland will work closely with people who know from their own experience what the negative consequences of gambling might be. It is seeking to heed the views of people who have learned about the dangers of gambling from the first-hand experience.

UK Gambling Commission Pushes for Cooperation with ‘Experts by Gambling Experience’

To encourage similar cooperation in other regions, the UK Gambling Commission has prepared a special document that will help to collaborate on the principles and arrangements, which are crucial for making such work. The Commission also wants to use the measures that are already developed. The Board mentions the partners who have already taken actions to cooperate with people who suffered from gambling.  

According to the Gambling Commission, this cooperation should involve people suffered from gambling, their relatives and close friends, and organizations who are experts at heeding the views of people with harmful gambling experience and people suffering from addictions, for example.

The Commission’s document states the above-mentioned cooperation should be premised on a few principles: sustainability, diversity and safety.

As mentioned earlier, the UK Gambling Commission will review license rules and regulations for gambling operators. The Commission’s aim is to protect people from the negative consequences of gambling addiction.

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