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UK Gambling Advertising Legislation Updates in Action

5 August 2019, 07:30
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According to the latest legislative developments, British gambling companies are banned from advertising their products on TV in the daytime.

UK Gambling Advertising Legislation Updates in Action

The Guardian newspaper reports that the UK gambling industry supported the new policy, which was introduced last year, in order to reduce the possible negative influence on the most vulnerable population groups. 

On August 1, the Test cricket series (England vs. Australia) kicked off, and for the first time in many years, the TV audience was able to watch the event without any gambling ads until nine p.m.

The new advertising rules will also apply to all domestic football season matches. It should be noted that horse and greyhound racing broadcasts are not impacted by this law since they are inherently connected with sports wagering.

According to Jeremy Wright, the former UK Culture Secretary, the current advertising legislation must continue being updated in order to cover in-stadium ads as well as shirt sponsorship agreements.

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