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UK Football Fans Are Tired of Betting Ads

13 October 2020, 14:31
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As betting news and a recent survey show, football fans from Great Britain think that there are too many gambling and betting sponsorships in this type of sports.

UK Football Fans Are Tired of Betting Ads

More than one thousand people participated in the poll and expressed their opinion about sponsorships. Unlike football club managers that usually celebrate new deals, football fans don’t share their joy. As the survey shows, the majority of fans agree that the number of gambling sponsorships in football is very big.

The percentage of people who are against gambling ads is high

Fifty-nine percent of the survey participants have supported the opinion that the amount of betting ads in stadiums is excessively big. Another sixty-six percent say that they are dissatisfied with the number of ads during football live streams. Moreover, sixty-seven percent of respondents consider the current advertising restrictions ineffective. They have answered that these limitations don’t help to prevent minors from seeing gambling-related ads.

However, these opinions differ from the UK Betting & Gaming Council’s reports completely. According to its statements, this program is very effective. It has provided information that less number of children see gambling advertising now. At the same time, forty-four percent of fans aren’t against the total ban on sponsorships, while thirty-four percent of respondents don’t think that it is a good idea.

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