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UK Casinos Are Back: The Government Allowed Them to Reopen

17 August 2020, 11:30
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According to the UK’s latest casino news, the country’s government has finally allowed land-based gambling establishments to open their doors for visitors.

UK Casinos Are Back: The Government Allowed Them to Reopen

August 15 became an important day for UK casinos because they got the green light to reopen. This question was raised more than once as many gambling establishments had big drops in revenue, and it might also lead to job losses for twelve thousand employees.

The BGC supported the idea of reopening

The BGC (Betting and Gaming Council) was criticizing the government’s decision to postpone casino reopening because it could cause many negative economic consequences. Even now, after casinos have opened their doors for players again, the sector is facing many obstacles and asks the government to prolong the job retention scheme. It is worth mentioning that gambling establishments have stopped working on March 20 because of the pandemic. It means that the industry needs to make much effort to recover.

Casinos have taken special measures to ensure that their staff and visitors are protected against the COVID-19 while being present in their territory. They include a limit on the number of visitors, face masks, sanitizers, screens on gambling tables and slot machines, as well as the implementation of contactless payments.

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