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UK Bookies Are Forced to Limit Esports Advertising

21 August 2019, 13:56
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Following the publication of the report on under-age involvement in betting content, bookmakers’ marketing policy with regard to eSports events is about to be reviewed.

UK Bookies Are Forced to Limit Esports Advertising

A joint research of the University of Bristol’s Management Department and Demos think tank has shown that 28% of UK users who replied eSports and eSports betting related tweets were children aged under 16.

According to 888 thousand betting-related tweets analysis, the percentage of British kids engaged in eSports betting (by means of tweets) is five times more than in traditional sports betting. With regard to the tweets’ compliance with UK advertising regulation, only 26% of them meet those requirements.

The CAP Advertising Code prohibits marketing and promotion of gambling-related products to under-age people, but the research revealed that most of the tweets by bookmakers were intended particularly for children.

It is already clear that eSports industry development will lead to its further integration in bookmaking business, and kids’ ability to participate in eSports tournaments does not make the situation any better. However, co-authors of the research hope that its results will make the authorities think about the threat of gambling addiction among children, as well as respond appropriately to such betting companies' violations. 

As mentioned earlier, UK bookmakers started taking bets on certain products rationing in the country.

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