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Uefa Looks for New Partner in Fight against Match-Fixing

23 October 2019, 11:00
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Uefa, the European football’s governing body, has issued a new tender in order to find a person or organization that will help to combat match-fixing in sport.

Uefa Looks for New Partner in Fight against Match-Fixing

The selected entity will have to carry out a feasibility study focused on exploring ways of improving football’s capacity to conduct an effective investigation into match-fixing and bring to justice those who are involved in such activities.

According to Uefa, this study might help to strengthen links with national police, public bodies, governments and state attorneys.

The Uefa’s president Čeferin claimed that they must do much more to combat match-fixing. In his opinion, the key aspect consists in co-operation with governments since the football governing body’s problem has always been that each case must be prosecuted. According to Čeferin, they cannot solve everything on their own because their jurisdiction ends at football. Therefore, the feasibility study will look for new avenues for cooperation, which, in turn, will help to cope with one of the most important issues in sport.

Uefa will announce its new partner before the end of 2019.

As mentioned earlier, Malta Gaming Authority representatives introduced a Sport Integrity Unit. Its purpose is to tackle the issue of match-fixing.

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