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Turkish Lottery Provider Is Suspected of Fraud

30 November 2020, 16:24
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The unprecedented case happened during another draw of the Turkish national lottery. Four out of six numbers repeated on the November 18 draw and in five days, which is one to five trillion chance of happening. Oppositioneers are accusing Milli Piyango operator of fraud activity, not for the first time. Login Casino reviews the latest lottery news and explains the reasons for the possible scandal in Turkey.

Turkish Lottery Provider Is Suspected of Fraud

The authority and fairness of the Turkish Milli Piyango lottery operator were doubted again. The Sisal-Sans company, which now holds the rights of Milli Piyango operating, made another suspicious step.

What are the problems with the Milli Piyango lottery?

The Italian-Turkish cooperation between the Sisal Group and Demirören Group's Sans, respectively, received the right to hold the national lottery in a rather strange manner in 2019. Thus, the international cooperation received vast support from the Justice and Development Party's side, which now is ruling in the parliament. The governors have changed the bid rules at the last moment during the tender process, which allowed the Sisal-Sans conglomerate to win the tender.

The cooperation also presented a rather profitable proposition to the government in terms of annual revenues. Thus, the newly created company promised no less than €1 billion on a yearly basis to the state's treasure instead of €370B that were paid in 2018 by the previous operator. However, the sudden change of tender rules and direct relation to the ruling party casts doubts on the fairness of the lottery operator, who received unique rights for ten upcoming years.

The opposition attacks the recent activity of Milli Piyango

The incredible case with four repeated numbers in just a couple of days is not the only suspicious event that happened with the Turkish national lottery. Thus, after receiving the right to hold Milli Piyango, the new operator changed the basic rules. Earlier, for winning the lottery, one had to guess six out of 49 numbers, while now the total quantity of possible digits increased to 90. It means that the chance of winning the lottery has escalated to one of 622 million and led to no-jackpot outcomes for the last 50 draws.

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