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Trump Impeachment Odds: Will He Be Impeached Twice?

13 January 2021, 13:57
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Trump’s future as the President of the United States is discussed not only in global political news but also in the news about the betting sector. Bettors dispute over the probability of the former country’s leader getting another impeachment.

Trump Impeachment Odds: Will He Be Impeached Twice?

While the President's Office is handing over powers to Joe Biden’s team, Donald Trump’s supporters continue to commit acts that make Congress consider the opportunity of impeachment.

Odds of Trump impeachment are increasing

The ex-President’s removal from power several days before the end of his presidential term is an awful precedent, which will rock the whole country. However, according to the latest polls and current situation, the chances are that the impeachment is inevitable. It seems that Trump’s actions add more fuel to the fire of the public outcry.

Bettors are ready to place stakes on Trump’s impeachment, but what are the odds that this event will take place? The probability of removal from power is very high and continues to grow. The betting sector predicts that there is ninety-one percent that Trump will face impeachment. Another authoritative source has even higher odds – ninety-eight percent. At the same time, there is only eleven percent that the former US leader will step down before the end of his incumbency. Previously, bettors foresaw Trump’s denial of the election's outcome. Now they have another opportunity to predict decisions in Congress.

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