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Totally Gaming Academy and iGaming Academy Partnership Takes Training to Another Level

21 March 2020, 11:09
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The international gaming industry across every vertical will have access to the best staff training and development following the launch of a dynamic new partnership between the Clarion-owned Totally Gaming Academy (TGA) and iGaming Academy (iGA), which forms part of the Conexus Group. 

Totally Gaming Academy and iGaming Academy Partnership Takes Training to Another Level

This game-changing partnership brings together TGA’s expertise, established over a 13-year track record of delivering face-to-face training, with iGA’s sector-leading reputation and e-learning services across more than 40 evolving and future-focused courses. Find out more news about the American iGaming industry here.

Commenting on the significance of the partnership, Andrew Spencer, the Head of Education and Training at the Totally Gaming Academy, explained: “This relationship provides the gaming business community across every vertical with a complete training solution, curated and delivered by two of the best known and reputable learning and training providers in the industry. In the current unprecedented climate caused by COVID-19, the importance of providing clients with opportunities to undertake their learning remotely and online through webinars and e-learning has never been greater.  Our aim is to enable clients to have that choice, and, in the process, to support business continuity.”

The internationally recognized iGaming Academy has built an outstanding reputation with its compliance-, skills- and regulatory-focused courses that are trusted by leading online gambling, casino businesses and professionals worldwide. iGaming Academy’s Managing Director, Jaime Debono, reiterated the importance of remote and online learning capabilities as one of the key areas of focus and growth.

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