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To Be Continued: Sweden Wants to Extend Temporary Measures Period

11 November 2020, 10:42
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Transient restrictions, under which gambling companies in Sweden operate, are currently the main topic for discussion in the news about the casino industry.

To Be Continued: Sweden Wants to Extend Temporary Measures Period

The country’s government considers the possibility of the prolongation of imposed restrictions to eliminate damage from gambling during the pandemic. According to the state representatives, the situation with COVID-19 is very serious. People may be affected by gambling entertainment, which will lead to negative consequences.

Current measures restrict operators significantly

It is clear that the Swedish government is trying hard to protect vulnerable social groups from the harm related to the gambling industry. Temporary regulations don’t allow players to make casino deposits that exceed SEK5000. In addition to this, operators have to set limits on players’ losses, gambling time, and available bonuses.

The government has the intention to extend the period of the measures’ validity to June 2021. It is worth mentioning that they have come into effect on July 2, and the gambling market participants haven’t supported them. The same situation is happening now: operators don’t see the reasons for the imposed restrictions as they only decrease their revenue. Moreover, the recent reports show that the gambling activity level has declined. However, Sweden is still going to hold consultations dedicated to the possible extending of current measures.

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