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Tirana Casinos Tender Was Launched by Albanian Gambling Regulator

30 September 2020, 17:38
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The Albanian Gambling Supervision Authority (AGSA) started the tender process concerning opening casino venues in its capital, Tirana. The last submission date is October 22, while the authority promises to review documents in a matter of days. This step opens the Albanian gambling market as the online sector is still officially forbidden since January 2019. Our online magazine continues monitoring the latest casino news all over the world, now explaining changes in the Albania gambling sector.

Tirana Casinos Tender Was Launched by Albanian Gambling Regulator

The legalization of gambling activity in Albania started as its Gambling Authority announced the tender process for land-based casinos. Recently, the applicants can receive permission for opening gambling venues in the center of Tirana - the capital of Albania.

That is the first real step after the AGSA suggested to casino operators join the tender process last week. The requirements are comparatively modest, which forces the land-based casino firm to have only 11.4 million dollars of capital reserves. As the small central-European country is not pretending to become a gambling center in the "Old World," it doesn't require nine or more digits of cash reserve.

What is the situation with online gambling in Albania?

The online gaming sector in the country is officially closed for cooperation. Thus, the country's regulators declared the battle against online gambling venues and promised to limit their opportunities in the state. However, recent research shows that almost half of the top illegal gaming providers are still freely operating in the country. At the same time, the AGSA doesn't make any corresponding steps to fix the situation they created.

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