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Tighter Gambling Prevention Program Confirmed by Dutch

8 February 2021, 16:41
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The governmental news outlet Rijksoverheid has published the renewed rules concerning the prevention of addiction, money laundering, and ad restrictions in the gambling sector. Login Casino focuses on publishing information about the latest legislation news in gambling, now describing the Dutch implementations in the sector.

Tighter Gambling Prevention Program Confirmed by Dutch

The digital sector's upcoming gambling regulation goes in parallel with the changes to the overall legislation in the entertainment niche. The Netherlands has already announced the restriction on using athletes in gambling operators' advertising campaigns, but the renewed law restricts this even more.

Thus, Holland has forbidden the use of athletes in gambling firms' advertising campaigns, while now the regulation forbids using sports clubs in the promotion activity. Betting operators are also restricted in advertising techniques even during lower-tier national competitions and under-21 sports events. It's a part of the overall strategy to decrease the influence of gambling on the under-age audience. 

What are other important regulations?

Another vital aspect of being tightened became the self-exclusion practices. Thus, the recent and new operators must use the Central Register of Exclusion of Gambling (CRUKS) scheme to help people with uncontrolled gambling. This option must be activated no later than October 1, 2021. 

Among the other elements is the reduction of fraud and crimes related to gambling. It goes in parallel with long-lasting anti-money laundering initiatives and match-fixing issues to be at the top of legislation. To control the situation in all the niches, the Dutch authorities created several centralized organs that help to detect and register inconveniences in the gambling sector.

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