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Three Simple Ways One’s Brand Can Take Full Advantage of ACE 2019

14 November 2019, 14:00
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The much anticipated affiliate marketing conference ACE (Affiliate Conference and Expo) 2019 is happening from 21 to 22 November at the Solaire Resort and Casino in Manila. The event organizer invites everyone to take this opportunity to make new discoveries about how to keep up with the present and future marketing trends.

Three Simple Ways One’s Brand Can Take Full Advantage of ACE 2019

Here are some of the ways to make the most out of ACE 2019.

Network and mingle with fellow delegates and the resource speakers. ACE 2019 is the venue where one can network with other creative and innovative minds from various industries such as digital marketing, advertising, travel, finance, technology, and so much more. It is a chance to build new partnerships with professionals from fields within and outside one’s own. The event will contain firsthand tips and lessons from the resource speakers who will be presenting at the conference. One can ask them questions that will help the brand stand out. There will be a lot of time in between sessions to network and mingle.

Attend all the panel discussions and presentations. The roster of topics at the conference ranges from affiliate marketing trends specific to Asia, how to work with influencers, creating engaging content, affiliate sales strategies, and much more.  The panel discussions will also allow to learn about social media tips beyond the basics, discover the game-changers in the digital space which are blockchain and artificial intelligence, optimising mobile advertising, and how to cater to modern day consumers. These discussions will definitely provide the attendees with key knowledge and strategies that will boost their brand.

Book space on the exhibition floor or visit brands who are showcasing their products.  The possibility to directly connect with one’s target audience and potential partners by reserving one’s own space at the ACE 2019 exhibition floor. There are limited slots left. It is a great opportunity to showcase one’s products and services to fellow delegates and industry experts. Check out all the other brands who will be exhibiting their own services at ACE 2019 as well and get to learn about some of the work these companies do.

Eventus International offers everyone interested to book their ticket on the official website.

About the event

ACE 2019 is the go-to Affiliate Marketing event in Asia for the world’s top Affiliates, Digital Marketers, Merchants and eCommerce entrepreneurs to gather under one roof. Participants will network with the top successful Super Affiliates, most prominent regional & global field experts & speakers, world’s top global networks, along with top industry investors & advertisers.

As mentioned earlier, Affiliate Conference and Expo attracts attention to micro-influencers and why they are so important for business development.

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