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Things to Keep in Mind while Advertising Gambling in India

1 February 2021, 11:56
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SBC Digital India has touched on various topics regarding the gambling market in India. Advertising and promotion were among them.

Things to Keep in Mind while Advertising Gambling in India

What news about the gambling industry in the country should its participants expect? How to advertise gambling products in the region effectively? Experts have discussed these and other questions during the event.

Top tips on gambling advertising in India

Discussing advertising and marketing in India, the conference speakers have highlighted the most important dos and don’ts, which operators should know before launching a campaign.

Anutosh Chatterjee, CEO at Revenue Street, has said that speaking about the Indian gambling market, patience is the key. He recommends being slow because overboard actions can do harm to a business. It is better to take a long-term approach. Operators should pay much attention to the product offering, avoid misleading statements in ads, especially in terms of bonuses, and be careful in campaigns.

Speaking about the most effective channels, the speakers have confirmed that influencer marketing is the one, which works extremely well in the country. It is the fastest and guarantees user acquisition at a reduced cost. India has a young population that is why they consider influencers as people whom they can trust. For gambling companies, having a digital influencer as a partner creates credibility for their customers. According to Satya Mahapatra, Founder of ROI Internet Marketing, movie and sports stars are worth considering for marketing purposes, as brand ambassadors. The right kind of influencer can bring good results.

Sebastian Paris, COO at bwisemedia, has continued the topic saying that TV and radio aren’t the best channels to promote gambling in this market. Digital targeting provides more opportunities to acquire customers. In addition to this, operators should focus on the mobile-first approach as well because India is a mobile-only country. The usage of Instagram, TikTok, and collaboration with celebrities together with creative ways of engaging with the audience can deliver impressive results.

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