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The UK Parliament Puts More Pressure on Gambling: Advertising May Be Banned

16 June 2020, 13:53
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Great Britain has never been distinguished by loosened gambling regulations. After the credit card ban that had been much-discussed in all Britain’s news on gambling, members of the Parliament decided to initiate a new portion of laws.

The UK Parliament Puts More Pressure on Gambling: Advertising May Be Banned

Newly proposed regulations will tighten the gambling industry in the UK more. These sweeping changes may influence the majority of gambling sectors greatly. The country’s operators should be ready to face the new 2005 Gambling Act that will lead to upheaval in the industry.

What are the new regulations?

Politicians have represented thirty proposals aimed at strengthening control of the gambling business. The first and most “painful” recommendation is a total ban on ads that is very similar to that initiated in Spain. In addition to this, operators won’t be able to offer their clients any betting systems that may instigate them to gamble.

MPs also have decided to pay attention to such aspects of gambling products as no-cost spins and the highest possible betting stakes in slots. In general, politicians who have participated in the creation of the recommendations list aren’t satisfied with the work of the current regulator and consider it to be not effective.

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