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The UK National Lottery: £ 600 Million Will Be Donated to Fight against the COVID-19

4 May 2020, 10:59
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The UK National Lottery has announced the creation of a £ 600 million support program, which will help charities and companies affected by the coronavirus outbreak. The initiative has been commented on by experts.

The UK National Lottery: £ 600 Million Will Be Donated to Fight against the COVID-19

Over the next few months, funding will be distributed to UK projects, including initiatives to address the effects of exclusion and help the elderly. Funds will also be accessible for organizations that initiate the maintenance of physical and psychological health in society. Some amount of money will also be provided for projects in the fields of arts, education, environment, and sports.

According to 1Ante representatives, the new initiative was supported by the National Lottery Fund, which contributed £ 300 million. In addition, the National Lottery Heritage Emergency Fund allocated fifty million pounds to be used to minimize the negative effects of quarantine on the industry, as well as invest in the development of the necessary online skills.

It is also known that Arts Council England will provide a £ 144m funding to cultural organizations that have been hit hard by the pandemic.

Creative Scotland donated more than ten million pounds to National Lottery funds, which would be allocated for the needs of the arts, cinema, and creative industries. At the same time, the Arts Council of Northern Ireland launched an extraordinary program to support artists.

As representatives said, the latter program is also funded by the National Lottery, with a contribution of £ 500,000. The funds will be provided to artists and representatives of the creative professions.

Sport England will also gain access to the National Lottery funds and get £ 157m for the support of the sports sector.

Experts note that the National Lottery has always supported important social projects. In this case, the main focus has been on supporting the initiatives of art, heritage, sports, education, and environmental protection. All of this, according to representatives of 1Ante, is necessary to mitigate the effects of the crisis caused by the coronavirus pandemic.

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