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The UK Gambling Regulator’s Warning regarding Festive Lotteries

12 November 2019, 15:52
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The UK’s Gambling Commission has addressed organizations holding charity lotteries during the Christmas holidays to guarantee that they are working legally to avoid any possible lawsuits.

The UK Gambling Regulator’s Warning regarding Festive Lotteries

The body overseeing gambling in the country said that organizations hold a lot of lotteries and games during the festive season and they must be staged following certain laws.

According to the Commission, establishments running these activities must do this only for charitable purposes and not for personal gain. They are also required to secure a licence from the country’s regulatory body or register with the authorities in their region.

In addition, the Commission informed that there are restrictions regarding the amount of money organizations can spend on the sale of tickets for one prize. However, there are no limits to donated prizes. All tickets must have the same price. An exception to this may be when the sales are dedicated to a special event. That would mean they are considered incidental lotteries.

To conclude, the Gambling Commission said that all money organizations collect from the sales of tickets must be spent in one of two ways: on expenses or prizes.

As mentioned earlier, at the beginning of October, the St. Albans Crown Court found Edward Putman guilty of a national lottery fraud.

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