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The UK Considers Scratch-off Tickets as the Source of Gambling Addiction

28 July 2020, 12:47
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The UK lottery news isn’t positive for operators as the country’s government is going to reconsider age limits for lottery and scratch-offs.

The UK Considers Scratch-off Tickets as the Source of Gambling Addiction

It may seem too exaggerated, but some representatives of the UK government are sure that this type of gambling entertainment can lead to problem gambling. That is why they have decided to submit proposals connected with lotto and scratch cards services. Now, the National Lottery that provides both products has the minimum age limit of sixteen. However, the government may change it in the nearest time.

The age threshold will be raised to 18

Great Britain isn’t that type of country, which has relaxed gambling regulations. Vice versa, the country’s authorized bodies do everything possible to eliminate the negative effects of the gambling industry. The lottery initiative is evidence of this. Although only up to four percent of all players may become gambling addicts, officials insist that the permissions to play the lottery and buy scratch-off tickets have to be available exclusively for citizens who are 18 or older.

However, operators think that this initiative isn’t reasonable. According to UK law, people who are under 18 but already 16 years old can drink some alcohol (but aren’t allowed to buy it), including wine and beer, if they are accompanied by adults. That is why lawmakers should consider all aspects of the proposal before bringing it into force.

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