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The Number of Gambling Accounts Hacks Has Increased, Report Shows

19 November 2020, 11:31
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The recent report provided by Ravelin confirmed disappointing news about casino websites: the number of cases connected with unauthorized access to accounts increased.

The Number of Gambling Accounts Hacks Has Increased, Report Shows

This negative tendency may become a real problem for both operators and users. According to the survey, more and more fraudsters make tries to hack casino accounts and use money or information available there to gain benefit.

A strong password can help to protect an account from hacking

The report has shown that gambling is among the most exposed to risk sectors of digital goods. Online casino users experience problems related to fraudsters' attempts to steal credentials approximately sixty times a year. The main reason for this is that, usually, gamblers have some funds stored in their accounts. It becomes a big attraction to attackers.

Fifty-two percent of operators have confirmed that their websites are attacked frequently. This year, there has been a surge in the number of such attacks, which is mainly the result of the COVID-19 pandemic and lockdown. Many players switched to online gambling as land-based venues were closed.

Fifty-six percent of gambling companies have responded that shared industry data are among key reasons for this negative trend, while twenty percent consider it to be the major one. At the same time, the protection of customers’ personal information is on the list of the most important factors. That is why users should pay much attention to the creation of their passwords. The first four or five figures aren't a good solution, according to security experts. The usage of strong and complex passwords with uppercase letters and special characters eliminates risks significantly.

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