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The Need for Gambling Act 2005 to Be Updated

9 September 2019, 12:33
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On September 3rd the Selected Commission on issues of the Social and Economic Influence of the Gambling Industry examined the efficiency of the Gambling Act that was concluded in 2005.

The Need for Gambling Act 2005 to Be Updated

Professors, doctors, lawyers and even the ex-chairman of the Gambling Review Body Alan Budd met to discuss this Act. Among the topics they considered there were the duty to avoid problem gambling, the knowledge and capacity of the Gambling Committee to defend people against unsafe products, risks that children and vulnerable people face, advertising and the neсessity to update supervision and licensing settings.

At the beginning of the discussion, Sir Alan Budd was proposed to make a comment on the effectiveness of the Gambling Act 2005. Firstly, he told that his awareness of this industry finished in 2001 after he had presented a report that formed that Gambling Act.

Then the commission discussed the best way to defend minors and people who are vulnerable. In this respect, Budd clarified that Gambling Committee was supposed to follow the developments and protect these categories of people.

The last issue they discussed was online gambling. According to Budd, in 2001 they didn’t have enough information, so it was difficult to evaluate potential of online gambling. Thus Gambling Act 2005 didn’t address online gambling, one of the most substantial sectors in the UK, properly and it can be one of the reasons why this document needs to be updated.

As mentioned earlier, European Gambling and Betting Association called for iGaming regulatory framework updating.

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