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The Much-Awaited Changes: Germany Is Ready to Put Online Poker Regulations in Force

24 June 2020, 12:01
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According to the latest news about the poker market in Germany, the country has finally decided to legalize the virtual poker market. This law means big changes in the gambling industry and many opportunities for operators.

The Much-Awaited Changes: Germany Is Ready to Put Online Poker Regulations in Force

Germany’s government started to reconsider the prohibition of online poker games after one of the operators had put in issue its ban. This situation made the department, connected with the operation of gambling companies, take another approach to such services.

Operators can get a license now

The legal fight between regulators and operators has been lasting for many years. Now the government has already begun to take the actions to resolve the conflict. Poker platforms can get a license and operate legally in the territory of Germany.

The regulator understood that the pressure on operators and the prohibition of poker services wouldn’t result in positive effects. The market continues to grow, and the poker segment will be legal soon. That is why it has updated the State Treaty on Gaming, allowing accredited operators to provide their services without obstacles. iGaming experts are sure that this decision will help to protect players as there will be more control of the market. It isn’t a secret that illegal poker companies from other regions enter the gambling industry of Germany and offer unreliable products to its citizens.

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