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The Ministry of Culture in Norway Is Ready to Consult on a New Bill

1 July 2020, 12:30
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As it has been revealed from the Norwegian gambling news, the government has aggregated all gambling laws into a single bill and is ready to discuss it with stakeholders.

The Ministry of Culture in Norway Is Ready to Consult on a New Bill

The new law is a combination of several acts that have been in force for some time. Now all of them will make one piece of gambling regulations, and it will make many processes considerably easier. The law will include the Gambling, Lottery, and Totalisator Acts and constitute the mandate that will be applied to the whole market in Norway.

The culture minister confirms that he will hold the consultation

Abid Raja, the culture minister, has said that he is ready to discuss the bill to detect its weak points and change them for better. He has emphasized that the main aim of this legal document is to diminish the negative effects of gambling and make it more responsible. However, the minister has also added that the government wants to save the profit that the industry provides to the voluntary organizations.

The new regulations will also touch upon marketing and advertising standards in the country. The previous laws allowed remote operators to promote their gambling products. After the enactment, this sphere will have more control, and advertising rules will become stricter. It will help to prevent children and gambling addicts from the unfavorable influence.

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