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The Last Hope: Italy’s Betting Operators Wait for the Decree Revision Impatiently

19 June 2020, 12:27
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Italy’s betting news articles discuss the current decree connected with the funding of sports revitalization. Betting operators can’t agree with its regulations as the sector has a difficult time now.

The Last Hope: Italy’s Betting Operators Wait for the Decree Revision Impatiently

The fifteenth of June became a key date for betting companies in Italy as they got an opportunity to resume their operation. However, it wasn’t a good opening because operators faced new obstacles: an extra 0.5-percent tax added to bets. The current GGR taxation is unaffordable for the betting sector in the country. The lockdown has influenced this vertical negatively, and such tax liabilities can only make the situation worse.

Operators wait for the decree reconsideration

Betting operators hope that the government will reconsider the regulations provided in its revival decree program. It has created the fund, the main aim of which is to raise finances for sports. The program has the intention to gather ninety million euros for the revitalization of the sports industry during 2020-2021.

The government reckons on betting companies to make the financial injections to the fund. However, the sports betting revenue has decreased considerably, within the period of the lockdown. Operators want the revision of the decree because current taxes are inconsistent with their turnover. MPs have confirmed that they will reconsider taxation in the future.

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