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The Government of Portugal Knows Why Online Betting Has Increased by 50%

8 May 2020, 11:35
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According to the latest betting news in Portugal, the market has considerably increased (by 50%) in comparison with the 2019 figures. The Government of Portugal can explain this rise because it has conducted an analysis.

The Government of Portugal Knows Why Online Betting Has Increased by 50%

The Ministry of Economy and Digital Transition has stated that many companies are interested in providing legal gaming services in the country. In addition to this, users choose betting websites that are more reliable, secure, and command confidence.

The main reasons for the increment are identified

The main cause of this boost in the betting market is that six more companies in Portugal have received licenses for operation within the country. The Government saw a slight increase even when two operators had received licenses. February and March statistics showed that customer behavior was usual and changes were mostly associated with the evolution of the betting market.

However, experts say that current progress in this business sector is the result of a lack of entertainment during the lockdown. At the same time, it doesn’t mean that problem gambling and other risks connected with this sphere will arise. The Ministry representatives have noted that the interest in online betting in the regulated market demonstrates that people consider this type of entertainment to be safe and they feel protected by regulators.

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