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The GGR of the Gambling Sector in the US Grew in Q3

17 November 2020, 17:59
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The third quarter in the American gambling industry showed a significant increase in revenues, overpassing Q2 by 293%. Even though the financial increase was crucial, Q3 2020 was still worse than the same period a year ago. Login Casino analyses the latest financial news and informs its readers about the most important numbers in the US gambling sector.

The GGR of the Gambling Sector in the US Grew in Q3

Reaching more than 9 billion dollars in the gross gaming revenue (GGR) in the third quarter is an astonishing economic result compared to $2.3B in the second quarter. However, in the year-over-year (YoY) comparison, 2020 Q3 was still almost 20% lower than the same period in 2019.

Such significant growth is related to the reopening of gambling venues across the states where gambling is legal. Some states even showed a positive YoY balance. Although South Dakota, Pennsylvania, Ohio, Mississippi, and Arkansas showed year-over-year growth between 3.8% and 7.5%, it is still a positive tendency in the post-quarantine period that promises fast recovery.

Financial rates by the gambling activity

Traditionally, in the US, the essential part of the total revenue belongs to slots, which generate about 65% of the whole finances in gambling. Almost $5.9B was a 350% upgrade compared to Q2, but 19% lower than a year ago.

The second place in the balance sheets takes table games activity, which brought about $1.6B in Q3 2020. Compared to the previous three-month period, it is a 447% rise, while the YoY rate dropped by 31%.

Another astonishing Q2-Q3 increase was in sports betting, where almost 450% helped to receive more than $350M. Interestingly, this niche showed even a positive YoY balance but due to the bookmaking opening in four new states.

The most unusual numbers belong to the igaming sector, which grew up only by 8% compared to Q2 but by 232% in YoY comparison. Experts claim that this has happened thanks to opening related venues in West Virginia in July. Totally, the iGaming industry brought $435M in the third quarter of 2020.

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