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The First Stage of Gambling-Related Changes Passed in Poland

10 March 2021, 14:45
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Poland made the first step towards changes to the gambling legislation, passing the amendments by the lower house of parliament. The major differences are related to controlling the Register of online resources related to gambling, which can influence both platforms and advertising destinations. The LoginCasino team continues following the most important legislation news in gambling, presenting and explaining upcoming Polish law changes.

The First Stage of Gambling-Related Changes Passed in Poland

From the three-step way to becoming a law, the first one has already been done by the Polish lawmakers. The lower house of local parliament agreed on amendments to the gambling legislation, aiming to give more power to local authorities and facilitate related processes. However, the upper house parliament and President have also agreed to the changes.

Major changes to the Polish gambling law

The primary amendment relates to simplifying the procedures related to the National Register. The latter contains the domains that suggest gambling activity and banned ones. The new law suggests adding digital destinations that advertise the discussed type of entertainment. At the same time, the amendment assumes control over the Register for lower-level officials, which has to simplify the procedure of adding or deleting domains from the database.

Another direction of the suggested changes is aimed at changing the conditions to organize gambling activity on local scales. Thus, the legal entities received milder conditions for setting slot machines. However, those who want to organize a poker tournament must present a full package of information about the participants and operational procedures.

Being a part of a general simplifying process, the lower-level authorities can receive more power. Thus, they can impose fines for wrong advertising or gambling participation without being included in the Register. It means that even a hardly-regulated advertising sector can be under the control of more local governors, which is assumed to be the right step towards better control and regulation.

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