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The First Half of 2020 Was Marked by the Rise of German Lottery Sales

6 July 2020, 14:14
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Lottery news articles from Germany showed that this sector in the country had increased its revenue within the first several months of 2020.

The First Half of 2020 Was Marked by the Rise of German Lottery Sales

The initial figures came from the national lottery organization. According to its report, the lotto market has risen by more than four percent. If to consider this increase in the money equivalent, its revenue is €3.75 billion. The situation in the first half of 2020 gave a considerable boost to the overall condition of the lottery vertical, even despite the coronavirus pandemic.

People play the lottery, the government replenishes the budget

One of the products that have made the most revenue is Lotto 6aus49. This game refilled the state coffers with €1.78 billion (and it made almost half of the total sum of revenue). EuroJackpot was another profitable lotto product as it brought €815 million.

Jürgen Häfner, the chair of the DLTB, has commented on the rise, emphasizing that the current state of things is a big advantage for the government. The national lottery allocates approximately forty percent of its income to taxes and other obligatory charges. It means that the country’s budget gets more than eight million euros every day from this gambling industry sector.

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