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The Dutch Lottery Market Is to Meet a New Regulatory Framework

8 July 2020, 12:16
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The latest news articles about the Netherlands’ lottery market have shared the information that the Dutch Minister for Legal Protection is going to launch a framework, which will help this segment of the gambling industry to thrive.

The Dutch Lottery Market Is to Meet a New Regulatory Framework

Sander Dekker, one of the ministers responsible for justice and security in the country, came to this decision after the report from PricewaterhouseCoopers. It states that the higher level of competitiveness within the lottery vertical will bring more opportunities for development to operators. 

The upcoming changes are necessary for this market

The report shows that the Dutch lottery needs to implement new models of operation to increase competition between gambling services providers. The act will come into force in the first part of 2021. It will be launched before the government officially opens the online market.

The framework will touch upon all representatives of the industry, including the national lottery, charitable lotteries, as well as betting services, and virtual casinos. It is expected that the adoption of regulations will change the overall situation in this sector for better. Operators will get motivation for developing high-quality products and adding innovative features to them. In general, the regulations will also decrease risks connected with gambling and will control the advertising of gambling products more efficiently.

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