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The Dutch Government Delays the Issue of the Remote Gambling Act

23 June 2020, 12:39
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According to the latest news about the European gambling industry, the Netherlands postpone the date of online gambling legalization again.

The Dutch Government Delays the Issue of the Remote Gambling Act

The process of online gambling legalization in the Netherlands is still in suspension. The members of the parliament have been recently discussing the possible date of the Remote Gambling Act issue and have concluded that this procedure needs a delay.

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How many months will operators need to wait?

It isn’t the first time when the government postpones gambling legalization. The same situation happened several months ago. The COVID-19 pandemic became the reason for this. Now ministers are also overwhelmed with other problems appearing in the post-pandemic country, and the enactment of gambling regulations will face postponement again.

As the results of recent parliament meetings show, the government is still at the stage of considering the Remote Gambling Act, and the process of its enforcement may take several months. The earlier adoption of gambling regulations could have a positive effect, as many Dutch gamblers switched to the black market when land-based casinos had shut down for the quarantine. The delay also influences gambling companies that have got penalties. They need to stop their operation for a couple of years, but the act suspension may also increase this period.

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