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The Czech Republic Introduces Gambling Exclusion System

15 September 2020, 17:34
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The Check Republic has recently announced its new register information about which has immediately appeared in the news about the gambling market.

The Czech Republic Introduces Gambling Exclusion System

The purpose of this newly created system is to protect vulnerable players from accessing gambling-related websites. According to the Ministry of Finance, it will help to save them from the temptation to play casino games. The system is a solution for those families that have faced with problem gambling.

How does the register work?

The register’s working principle is quite simple: the information about a problematic gambler can be added there, and this person becomes blocked from visiting all gambling services available in the country. Players can do this by themselves or by third parties if they undergo treatment for gambling addiction. Operators will be also involved in the system and will need to check every customer whether he or she is on the list of blocked players.

The register’s test mode has been launched on September 15. Starting from this date, players can use it and exclude themselves from all land-based and virtual casinos that legally operate in the territory of the Check Republic. On December 20, the project will enter its final stage, and gambling companies will have to join it to control their players. What is important, online casino users won’t be able to register another account for gambling. The launch of the exclusion system is the second stage of the country’s initiative to eliminate problem gambling.

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