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The Cryptocurrency Market Surpassed $14 Billion within 24 Hours

24 March 2020, 12:43
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According to cryptocurrency news in the world, the market strengthens its presence as more and more people want to invest in digital cash. Bitcoin and Ethereum gain popularity and have high financial indexes.

The Cryptocurrency Market Surpassed $14 Billion within 24 Hours

As it was revealed, one of the most widely-used digital currencies in the world – Bitcoin – increased by ten percent in comparison with the previous day. Its competitor, Ethereum, grew by seven percent in its turn. The figures prove investors’ profound interest in them.

However, such positive dynamics wasn’t always inherent in the cryptomarket. Thus, cryptocurrencies faced a significant decrease in value several weeks ago. In general, the value depends largely on the equity market and keeps step with it.

What is next?

If to consider the whole industry, its overall value exceeded $14 billion within a very short period – 24 hours. Of course, Bitcoin influenced this rate a lot because it gained almost thirty percent for the last week. At the same time, despite its stable growth, its safety as an asset is still questionable. The most popular digital cash didn’t get the price it was estimated at the beginning of the year.

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