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The Austrian Trade Representative Became the Third Stock Exchange to Add CryptoCurrencies

1 September 2020, 14:51
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Vienna Stock Exchange joined the Swiss SIX and German XETRA stock exchanges, which began the trade of Bitcoin and Ethereum. It confirms the latest news on cryptocurrency that the weight of digital money is growing globally, and officials want to use it in a safe way.

The Austrian Trade Representative Became the Third Stock Exchange to Add CryptoCurrencies

The Swiss-based firm, 21Shares AG, brought Ethereum and Bitcoin on the Austrian market and declared an electronic-traded product (ETP) on Vienna Stock Exchange. This step transformed a DACH (German-speaking) region into the center of international digital trade concerning cryptocurrencies. The regarded currencies will be traded under the names ABTC (for Bitcoin) and AETH (for Ethereum).

Switzerland became the heart of digital currencies as 21Share AG appeared in this state, and the first stock exchange that added cryptocurrencies was also a local SIX Swiss Exchange. A few months ago, German XETRA added Bitcoin and Ethereum to their trade options. September 1 becomes the date when all the DACH region can buy or sell major cryptocurrencies.

What does the adding to stock exchanges mean to the future of cryptocurrencies?

In essence, that is another confirmation of the validity of digital money. Even though many enterprise and online platforms have already added cryptocurrencies as the paying option, Bitcoin's and Ethereum's appearance on the stock exchange confirms their bright future. Thus, these elements become an inevitable part of the global economic operations and widen the weight of using the blockchain approach in finances.

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