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“Temporary” Gambling Restrictions in Sweden Are Criticized

24 November 2020, 17:01
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The news about the casino sector in Sweden isn’t very positive for operators as the government doesn’t provide them with any hope for changes in the current gambling restrictions caused by the pandemic.

“Temporary” Gambling Restrictions in Sweden Are Criticized

It seems that the Swedish government isn’t going to reconsider casino restrictions and, vice versa, intended to tighten them, although they aren’t very efficient, according to the industry experts.

The Swedish regulator limits all types of casinos

Spelinspektionen decided to continue with its strategy and imposed new restrictions for restaurant-based casinos and other venues with gambling machines. The rules allow such venues to operate only till 10 p.m., and they will stay in effect till February. They support the government’s initiative to prohibit selling alcoholic drinks from 10 p.m. till 11 a.m. It is aimed at preventing people from gathering in crowds.

It is worth reminding that the government is considering the opportunity of prolonging the restrictions for digital casinos. They include limits for operators in terms of depositing on websites and bonus offers. Shareholders were asked to provide their opinion on this. At the same time, the Swedish online gambling trade group criticized the proposal to extend the period of limits’ effect, saying that these regulations only led to gamblers spending their money at online casinos without the Swedish license.

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