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Tech Firms May Participate in the UK National Lottery Tender Race

2 September 2020, 17:06
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The news about the lottery market of Great Britain confirms the information that technology companies are expected to join other firms that compete for the UK’s lottery license.

Tech Firms May Participate in the UK National Lottery Tender Race

The National Lottery is now open for applications from various companies that are ready to become its next license holder. This deal will worth more than six billion pounds and come into force in 2023. In addition to gambling operators, representatives of the tech industry may also take part in this tendering process. Companies can apply for participation in the tender till October 2. The winner will get the license for ten years.

The fourth license needs innovations, tech firms can provide them

The idea of inclusion of tech-related companies to the tender results from the Gambling Commission’s intention to implement more innovations and cutting-edge technologies in the lottery. That is why technological solutions providers are the main interest as they can bring new products to this sector.

The UK Gambling Commission admits that technologies are changing fast, and the lottery market should also keep up with the times. Partnership with solutions providers will help the National Lottery to improve its services and adapt to the preferences of modern consumers. It means that the fourth license is focused on customers’ needs and adding digital products to the lottery.

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