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Team GB Gained Renewed Support Deal from Camelot

16 March 2021, 15:33
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The UK's National Lottery operator, Camelot Group, announced another deal with the representatives of British Olympics organizations: Team GB and Paralympics GB. The lottery provider will continue financial support with specific requirements that arise in Tokyo in the upcoming summer Olympic Games. Login Casino continues following the latest lottery news and describes the British lotto provider's supportive role and its public affairs in this regard.

Team GB Gained Renewed Support Deal from Camelot

On March 15, Team GB and Camelot presented the renewed deal between the sides. Even though their cooperation lasted more than 20 years, the parties decided to announce a new deal that would fit the upcoming obstacles related to the Tokyo 2020 Olympic Games.

As the sports competition wasn't held in 2020 due to COVID-19, the biggest problem in the upcoming year would be coping with disease-related problems. Camelot decided to take the organizational part of those problems and provide British athletes, both Olympics, and Paralympics, with all the needed measures to secure their safety.

Among the already presented measures are regular testing, secure transportation, and organizing the camp's necessary level of protection. However, the sides have agreed to present a more detailed plan just before the team will be leaving the UK and flying to Tokyo.

A short history of Camelot's support of Team GB

The cooperation between the sides has clear benefits for the athletes. Since 1996, the National Lottery provider has contributed around £2.8 billion to the regarded sports organizations' needs. Camelot also participated in helping with the London 2012 Olympics, giving about £2.2 billion to support the organizers.

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