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Switzerland Publishes Blacklisted iGaming Companies

4 September 2019, 09:47
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Both Swiss gambling regulators, ESBK and Comlot, have recently published lists of enterprises banned from operating in the state.

Switzerland Publishes Blacklisted iGaming Companies

Prior to this announcement, regulating authorities introduced the federal Act on Real-Money Gaming according to which local land-based gambling establishments were permitted to provide iGaming services.

Besides, the Act empowers the Swiss regulators to make internet providers block access to unlicensed websites for Swiss users. Comlot’s list of banned platforms consists of sixty-five domains, while ESBK enumerated thirty-nine. Several of them are included in both lists.

From now on Swiss internet providers are to block web-recourses of such well-known companies as bet65, Unibet,, Unikrn, Pinnacle and many others.

However, this measure has met with mixed reviews. The majority of citizens supported it, while their opponents equated the regulators’ decision to strict censorship.

As mentioned earlier, the Swiss canton of Glarus has launched public discussions on gambling legislation updating.

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