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Swiss Regulators Added 38 New Domains to Gambling Blacklist

11 December 2020, 17:03
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Two of the major Swiss regulators, ESKB (Eidgenössische Spielbankenkommission) and Comlot (Inter-Cantonal Lotteries and Betting Commission), announced new websites that are now banned in the country. That is a regular practice in Switzerland, and Login Casino informs about the latest news in gambling legislation.

Swiss Regulators Added 38 New Domains to Gambling Blacklist

Being one of the most pedantic countries in the world, Switzerland continues giving examples on how to deal with illegal digital gambling on the state level. In the middle of 2019, two local regulators in the sector agreed to control the digital industry and ban unauthorized gambling providers.

Earlier this week, ESKB and Comlot added 38 new domains to the national blacklist. As the regulators hold their own enumeration, ESKB added 31 new domains, while Comlot expanded their list by 13 new names.

However, three domains were added by both sides as,, and were suggesting both lottery and other gambling activity for citizens. Also, Comlot was quite late in adding and that were listed by ESKB on October 6, while ESKB blacklisted on August 18.

Is blacklisting practice effective enough?

Taking into account the number of regular blockings, one can consider blocking practices as ineffective. However, ESKB's official statement claims that "it is imperative that players do not have easy access to unauthorized online gambling offers." If to make an emphasis on the word 'easy,' Swiss regulators are making everything possible to disallow visiting illegal gambling platforms.

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