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Swiss iGaming Blacklist Extended

9 October 2019, 10:20
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The list of online gaming domains banned on the territory of Switzerland added sixteen more items. The reason – according to the recent survey, gambling on the internet provokes addictive behavior.

Swiss iGaming Blacklist Extended

On October 8, Comlot (Swiss Lottery and Betting Board) released an updated version of the blacklist of international igaming companies that provide services to local gamblers without a required license. The initial list consisted of sixty-five domains, and now this number is eighty-one.

In September, the Swiss Federal regulator (ESBK) provided its own list of prohibited online gambling domains. It was different from Camlot’s blacklist and is yet to be updated later this month.

According to a new ESBK survey (which involved 18,832 people), in 2017 almost 69 per cent said that they had gambled at least once in their lives; in 2012 this figure was 70.6 per cent.

The most popular type of gambling in Switzerland is still the state lottery (48.2% participation), then go private games and raffles (14.3%) and casino table games with 8.6 per cent. The least popular are igaming websites with an international license – 2.3 per cent.

However, despite the low rate of online gambling sites, the number of problem gamblers using these resources is the highest – 22.1 per cent.

As mentioned earlier, a Swiss university is planning to apply blockchain in its system of fake educational degrees identification.

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