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Swiss Canton’s Proposals on Gambling Regulation Modification to Become Valid in 2020

30 August 2019, 12:07
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Following the Real-Money Gaming Federal Act’s implementation in Switzerland, the canton of Glarus has announced a public debate on amendments to its gambling legislation.

Swiss Canton’s Proposals on Gambling Regulation Modification to Become Valid in 2020

The country’s new federal law as of 1 January 2019 obliges cantonal authorities to bring their regulation into conformity with the new legislation, namely to stop unlicensed casino operation and permit casino licensing. They are given a period of two years to amend their gambling laws.

Glarus’s model is aimed at creating good conditions for a small gambling business that will not require licenses. In addition, the owners of small lotteries and slot machines will be allowed to fund charities, poker tournaments, and different social organizations. By the way, free-play video games, darts, table football, and pinball will no longer be regulated by the authorities.

Concerning other gambling products (except locally-run sports betting operations that remain forbidden), they will require to obtain a license in order to legally operate in Switzerland. Besides, there will be a different tax fee for each of them. For example, poker tournament organizers will have to pay from CFH100 to CFH1,000 per one poker player. Annual fee required from slot machine owners will be from CHF100 to CFH 2,500 per machine.

Operators that violate a new regulation will be penalized for CFH5,000 or banned for three years in the canton.

The discussion on the aforementioned proposals will be running until 21 October, and the amendments will come into force until 26 April of the next year.

As mentioned earlier, Germany’s new gambling regulation submitted to the European Commission was not supported by its representatives.

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