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Sweeping Changes: Singapore Is Going to Thoroughly Revise All Gambling Regulations

7 April 2020, 12:10
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The Singapore Ministry of Home Affairs has decided to inspect gambling regulations in the country in detail and develop a new strategy for 2021. According to the Ministry representatives, such revision will allow them to find weak points in the industry and to adapt it to modern conditions.

Sweeping Changes: Singapore Is Going to Thoroughly Revise All Gambling Regulations

The gambling market in Singapore is controlled by multiple agencies – from the Casino Regulatory Authority to the police which also has its surveillance area. However, the MHA (Ministry of Home Affairs) has finally come to the conclusion that the country needs a single regulator who will be responsible for the gambling industry.

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The MHA has extensive plans for the future

As the MHA officials have announced, first of all, they are going to implement the Gambling Regulatory Authority to the market. This regulatory body will help to efficiently develop and apply new regulations on the basis of the current state of the industry and taking into consideration technological changes and tendencies around the globe.

The representatives are sure that it will influence the gambling sector positively and make it more compliant with up-to-date directions and emerging products. The innovations will also deal with penalties for law breaches: the Ministry will reconsider its effectiveness with respect to present-day developments.

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