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Swedish Regulator Is at a Loss: Players Spend Too Much on Online Gambling

23 August 2020, 11:06
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As recent reports and casino news reveal, Swedish players know no limits for their bankroll spent on gambling, and the regulator is baffled with this.

Swedish Regulator Is at a Loss: Players Spend Too Much on Online Gambling

The thing is that many gamblers in Sweden spend five thousand SEK (€484) on gambling websites weekly. Moreover, the COVID-19 pandemic has caused the five-percent increase in revenue in comparison to this period during the previous year. Of course, this statistics doesn’t relate to the state of the land-based casino industry as such venues have been closed because of the pandemic.

The regulator has found a way-out of the situation

The Swedish gambling authority needs to do something to decrease the amount of money spent by an average player at a virtual casino. In other words, it should find ways to make license holders follow the rules for deposit limits. Unfortunately, the current restrictions are applied to each licensee separately. It means that players can gamble huge sums of money and exceed limits on various websites easily.

It is the main reason why the Swedish Equality Commission has proposed an initiative to create a central portal where the information on players’ expenditures on online gambling will be provided. This solution will help to control how much money every player deposits on all accounts.

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