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Swedish Regulator Demands More Responsible Gambling Messages

5 February 2021, 16:14
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Spelinspektionen, Sweden’s regulatory body, has stated that the license holders don’t provide all the necessary information about responsible gaming to protect players from gambling-related harm.

Swedish Regulator Demands More Responsible Gambling Messages

Although some improvements are highlighted in the news about the gambling industry in the country as and the majority of regulated websites have added the required instructions, however, some of them still lack important information.

Operators have to take more measures

Spelinspektionen has emphasized that gambling companies have to continue doing everything possible to guarantee a safe gambling environment for players. Their area of responsibility includes providing detailed information about a grantee of a license, including its contact data, such as email address and phone number, and the period of license validity.

In addition to this, gambling service suppliers have to comply with the requirements related to providing customers with notificationы about the negative effects of this online entertainment. Moreover, operators are obliged to have a link to the self-exclusion tool. Currently, not all licensees do this, which prevents the development of awareness about the system.

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