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Swedish Regulator Absolved Four Operators of Guilt in Underage Betting

18 October 2019, 12:35
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Swedish gambling regulatory body Spelinspektionen has dropped the charges against four operators that were suspected of offering betting on sports events where most participants were underage.

Swedish Regulator Absolved Four Operators of Guilt in Underage Betting

The country’s regulator claimed that the bet365, Spooniker, Betsson and ATG took bets on the underage players’ individual performances in a football match. For instance, people could bet on whether the selected player would score a goal. It did not go unnoticed: the Swedish regulatory body issued multiple warnings and penalty fees to punish the operators.

However, Spelinspektionen has recently dropped the charges. According to the regulator, they conducted a thorough investigation and it turned that the operators did not violate the regulations since most featured players were over eighteen.

It is worth noting that authorized operators in Sweden are not allowed to offer bets on events where most participants are underage. According to the country’s gaming regulatory body, this can lead to the increased number of minors trying to manipulate sports results.

As mentioned earlier, the Swedish government has collected more gambling taxes from operators than expected.

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