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Swedish Operator Wants to Exclude Paper from Lottery Shops

27 November 2020, 15:11
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The Swedish lottery operator, Svenska Spel, launches the initiative to waive the paper tickets and other documentaries in the retail shops. According to the latest news in the lottery sector, the operator is going to test the project by collaborating with the convenience store chain. Login Casino explains what are the intentions and predicted outcomes.

Swedish Operator Wants to Exclude Paper from Lottery Shops

The idea to digitize the processes that can be transformed into a more comfortable form isn't new. Concerning the gambling industry, it seems that lotteries, betting, casino slot games, poker, and other activity can be easily realized on devices. However, the global trend of switching to digital gambling was active only during the lockdown measures, while people still prefer visiting brick-and-mortar retail.

The Swedish lottery operator decided to approach the problem from the other side. Svenska Spel has found out that the need to fill the paper tickets and deal with coupons requires more space in the lottery shop. The existence of coupon counters and updating of the coupon materials require additional space and forces but can be reduced.

How is Svenska Spel going to turn to the digital-only lottery process?

According to the Swedish operator representatives, digital screens will be connected to the national lottery operator and will be available in retail. The innovation will also save time for employees as there will be no need to fill and check the obligatory documentation.

Along with saving the floor space in the retail and better conditions during the pandemic, Svenska Spel is going to be the first operator that has excluded paper from the process. However, the pilot project, which will be held in Stockholm, Östersund, Kalmar, and Jönköping, has to end successfully before praising the Swedish operator.

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