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Swedish Gaming Inspectorate Imposes Ban on Rule Violation Bets

16 September 2020, 11:29
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Spelinspektionen (the Swedish Gaming Inspectorate) has announced that it is going to impose a new type of ban related to wagering on rule violations in football.

Swedish Gaming Inspectorate Imposes Ban on Rule Violation Bets

According to the Inspectorate, these new regulations, applied only to local football matches, will help to considerably reduce match-fixing cases. Moreover, starting from January next year, bookmakers won’t be able to process bets on the achievements of footballers who are under 18, as well as matches that don’t belong to the top 4 divisions of domestic games.

Ban may not bring the desired results

This betting news provoked many contradictory opinions. Spelinspektionen supports the idea that the prohibition of wagering on yellow cards will be the best solution for establishing proper control and regulation in the betting market. However, not all experts share this opinion. A Secretary General of the Swedish Trade Association for Online Gambling has noted that such bans can be unreasonably imposed on everything that seems to be harmful. At the same time, these decisions may bring more risks than use.

The Secretary General also added that the Inspectorate hadn’t analyzed the effects of the ban properly, which might lead to a negative impact on its reputation. Match-fixing in Sweden is very difficult to detect because such cases occur mostly within the black market.

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