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Sweden Reported Financial Flows’ Changes in 2020

30 March 2021, 16:07
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The coronavirus-caused lockdowns forced Swedish gamblers to turn from offline to online, which was accompanied by the decline of channelization. Login Casino follows the news in gambling finances, presenting the most interesting details of the Swedish report.

Sweden Reported Financial Flows’ Changes in 2020

Sweden-licensed companies reported a turnover close to SEK 24.7B in 2020, while Swedish punters brought around SEK 2.6B to illegal websites during the same period. Interestingly, the turnover from legal gambling remained stable in the absolute numbers as both in 2019 and 2020, the licensed industry was bringing close to SEK 24.8B in the year before the pandemic. At the same time, the revenue of the illegal websites that served Swedish punters increased roughly from SEK 2.1B to SEK 2.6B.

As the numbers are covering both offline and online sectors, the COVID-19-affected year forced Swedish punters to switch from land-based venues to digital ones. During this turn, a small portion of the punters chose illegal destinations. It means that the channelization rate dropped in 2020 by a few percentages. Including some additional figures, the authority reported that channelization dropped from 90% to 88%, which was, however, way better than 75% that were before the re-regulation of the Swedish gambling market in 2019.

Turnover changes in 2020 by sector

Except for highlighting the general trends like channelization, the report presents detailed financial changes of the gambling sectors. Thus, the biggest portion of the market belongs to commercial betting, including online and offline. The turnover in it has increased from SEK 14.02B in 2019 to SEK 15.16B in 2020, which is an 8% growth.

Governmental lotteries and ATMs dropped by 8%, bringing SEK 5.44B in 2020 compared to SEK 5.91B in 2019. Being calculated separately, national lotteries grew up by 4% from SEK 3.41B in 2019 to SEK 3.55B in 2020.

The biggest declines in percentages were common for three sectors: state casino games (land-based Cosmopol), Hallbingo, and brick-and-mortar commercial games (restaurant casino). The first one ended the year with 80% decline (from SEK 0.98B to 0.2B), Hallbingo dropped by 22% (from SEK 0.23B to 0.18B), while the land-based commercials saw 27% decline (from SEK 0.23B to 0.17B).

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