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Svenska Spel Supported Swedish Football Team Going to Qatar

25 March 2021, 15:53
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The state-owned gambling operator has decided not to boycott Qatar's upcoming football festival despite the fact that the Middle East country lacks respect for human rights. Login Casino follows the latest betting news, giving an overview of the situation.

Svenska Spel Supported Swedish Football Team Going to Qatar

The Swedish national football team's long-lasting partner, Svenska Spel, decided to support the squad in the upcoming World Cup. There are a lot of concerns around this event as it will be held in Qatar, while the country has been accused of violating basic human rights during the preparation for the event.

Having a clear bookmaking interest in sponsoring the national football team, Svenska Spel has come up with the official statement that they are trying to contribute to a long-lasting perspective. Though the national gambling operator speaks about Qatar's human rights violation, attracts attention to the issue, and hopes that such a situation won't happen again.

Svenska Spel's representatives hope that their cooperation with organizations like the Football Association will have a positive impact. Moreover, the Swedish gambling operator insists that they are against choosing such countries like Qatar to host international sporting events in the future. At the same time, boycotting isn't the best choice, according to the spokespersons of the Swedish organization.

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