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Survey Reveals Increased Gambling Participation in Thailand

9 October 2019, 13:14
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A new survey conducted in Thailand has shown that fifty-seven per cent of citizens of the country have engaged in gambling during the past year.

Survey Reveals Increased Gambling Participation in Thailand

While Thailand's legal market is confined to horse racing and the state-run lottery, significant numbers of citizens were found to have engaged in both legal and illegal gambling in 2019. Forty-four thousand and fifty people aged 15 and over took part in this survey. Therefore, it is possible to conclude that gambling has become more popular in comparison with previous years. For example, two years ago, 54.2% of the population took part in gambling activities.

It should be mentioned that the Thai population selected different forms of gambling. The most popular one turned to be government lotteries. Illegal lotteries also attracted many people in the country. The least popular remained online gambling. Only 1.6% of people who were surveyed told they gambled via the internet.

According to the report, approximately half of gamblers began to play when they were under twenty. One person claimed to have engaged in gambling for the first time at the age of seven.

As mentioned earlier, the authorities of Thailand have addressed the citizens who use online gambling services. They were informed that foreign operators could have disclosed their personal information.

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