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Strict Regulations Don’t Solve Problems of Swedish Betting Market

25 October 2020, 11:31
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Within Betting on Sports Europe - Digital, experts from the Swedish betting market have discussed the most critical questions.

Strict Regulations Don’t Solve Problems of Swedish Betting Market

The upcoming regulations are the most important news about the betting market in Sweden, as they will impact the current operation of bookmakers and restrict their opportunities considerably.

Communication is key to solving the problem of match-fixing

According to Maria McDonald, Partner at Nordic Gambling, the Swedish betting industry is very problematic. The expert has confirmed that the grey and black markets in the country are growing. Thomas Vermeulen, Affiliate and Internationalisation Manager at Smarkets, has added that strict regulations will only aggravate the situation: players will be pushed to choose the services provided by offshore operators.

A new set of sports betting regulations aimed at preventing match-fixing will be introduced at the beginning of the next year, but experts don’t speak positively about it. The regulator will ban betting on the individual performance of players whose age is under 18, on violation of rules (such as yellow and red cards), and betting on the lower football leagues. Swedish bettors who prefer wagering on local football will search for other operators as a result. Maria McDonald has noted that the regulatory bodies are well aware of bettors wagering on offshore websites, however, they can’t solve this problem, saying that it isn’t in their jurisdiction.

Thomas Vermeulen has also said that the government is excessively restrictive, which makes bookmaking companies to close down. Approximately 30% of firms stopped their operation because of deposit limits. In addition to this, state-owned companies are treated better than privately-owned ones. All speakers have agreed that the lack of communication between regulators and operators is the main obstacle in the fight against match-fixing.

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