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Stakeholders Found Some Drawbacks in Germany’s Updated Gambling Legislation

20 August 2020, 17:19
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As it has been revealed in recent news, gambling in Germany may not improve with new regulations and can even get worse.

Stakeholders Found Some Drawbacks in Germany’s Updated Gambling Legislation

The European Commission (EC) has decided to make the pause in consideration of Germany’s amended gambling legislation. The question was postponed to September. All stakeholders have the right to review the regulations and leave comments on them.

What is the reason for the postponement?

The main reason for EC’s decision is that stakeholders have found several drawbacks in the new law. According to them, some requirements may cause negative consequences as they put the attractiveness of legal gambling at threat. For example, such products as slots are available to gamblers with the set of guidelines, which may influence users’ decision whether to play at a casino or not. One of them is that casino slots should be separated from table games.

Another question touches upon the current monopoly in the lottery market. Only state-owned companies are allowed to offer such services as table games in the country. This may lead to chaos in the legal framework. The majority of stakeholders are sure that licensing should be also provided to virtual casinos that include all gambling products. The €1000-limit for monthly spendings on gambling provokes doubts as for its reasonability as well. Other topics to discuss are connected with betting, advertising, and depositing.

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